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Dynamic 3D produce High Quality, affordable Aerial Video, Photography & Photogrammetry (3D) solutions which serve multiple sectors from tv & film, Videogames, education, social media campaigns, estate agents, digital archiving & much more.

I cover the entire UK, as well as having an additional network of qualified drone pilots across the globe who I use to extend my reach.

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Our Services


4k, RAW video of any subject, angle & location with a vast array of camera angles & tracking options.


High Quality Photos/Textures/360° Panoramas which capture huge amounts of detail at 'impossible angles'.


Convert photos of any real world subject into a real-time, 3D model & deploy it via your chosen medium.


Seamlessly integrate high quality 3D graphics into your real world, aerial footage to provide a unique twist.


High Quality 3D maps of any location which can be embedded online for tourism, planning, digital archive etc.


Are you a business that needs customised training & advice across any of the aspects covered on this website?

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