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3d floor plans
help 3D Floor Plans enable you to retain the functionality of plan drawings while offering a visually appealing twist over traditional plan drawings that often leave so much to the imagination and are difficult for an untrained eye to visualise.

Dynamic 3D can also implement a variety of wireframe and X-ray shaders to provide further functionality as well as implementing furniture, textures, realistic lighting and multiple perspectives.

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How does the process work

We take your 2D plan drawings and turn them into a 3D representation.

The initial process is fairly quick and requires limited input from you as we do little more than add an additional axis to turn it into a 3D volume.

Once your drawings are in 3D we are able to implement a wide variety of graphical features or they can be returned to you in a barebone fashion as the addition of a 3rd axis is such a fundamental addition.

What you can specify

Imagination is the only limitation.

Once we have a 3D representation of your plan drawings we can begin to add almost unlimited amounts of detail.

Furniture, textures and lighting can be added and will attain the biggest aesthetic gains, but we're also able to add animation and a host of additional features like transparent walls which can provide enhanced insight into intricate areas.

What are the core uses?

Retain the functionality of a plan drawing but present it in a way which does not require a trained eye.

Show intricate amounts of overlapping geometry with wireframe and X-ray shaders.

Animate your plan drawings to show a seamless transition of functional and visually appealing images.

Visualise a large number of rooms in a single image.