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help 3D Logo & Text Conversion. Not everything in the world of 3D graphics has to be so complex!

Dynamic 3D are able to produce 3D models of text and logos to bring your existing methods of display upto date.

Once something is in 3D many users find that they are able to be more creative with their ideas because text and logos are traditionally at fixed perspectives and take too long to chop, change and experiment with. Not anymore!
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How does the process work

When dealing with logos we simply convert your existing design into 3D.

From there we can provide you with dozens of renders at different perspectives with different materials.

When dealing with text, we simply take your existing font and create a 3D variation of it.

From there we can apply any material to it, and position it how we want.

This works particularly well if used in conjunction with photo montage.

What you can specify

The level of geometric detail that is used to create a representation of your logo/text.

Materials: How light behaves once it comes into contact with your logo.

Lighting: The sources and types of light that affect the overall look.

Texturing: 2D bitmap images which are applied to a 3D model to give it enhanced levels of detail.

We can work to multiple levels of detail to ensure you get the look you want at the price that is right for you.

What are the core uses?

Add a bit more depth, perspective and panache to your text by using techniques that are normally reserved for high end rendering.

Bring your logos to life by offering more interesting perspectives without having to worry about redrawing it each and every time.

Merge these methods with the photo montage solution to quickly create scenes which look as is they were created entirely in 3D, when in fact, the only real 3D aspect going on is something which was added at the end, yet achieves maximum impact.