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help 3D News Reports enable news agencies to deliver a rapid 3D interpretation of a real-world event which they might not be able to cover via traditional methods of video footage due to time, costs, geographical disposition or inhospitable environments.

Not only are these visuals sufficient for television broadcast, but they can also be used to maximise online revenues by enhancing the amount of information you can convey to those who are accessing your content via smart phones & laptops by offering a more personalised and next generation insight into the news.
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How does the process work

Contact Us to register your interest in this service [FREE].

You will then receive a personal hotline number which allows 24/7 access to cope with the demands of a breaking news story.

Submit as much information as possible about the story, location, and the deadline for the media.

Once your needs have been assessed, both parties will have a clear idea of what can be delivered in the amount of time as this work is often required within 24 hours.

What you can specify

Time is usually of the essence when using this solution so its important to maximise the core factors that will convey the most information to the public, while utilising the core factors of this solution.

Satellite Imagery plays a massive factor in this solution and also allows truly global coverage.

Camera Flythroughs.
Real Time 3D control.

& much more can be done in hours!

What are the core uses?

Generate premium online content to maximise online sales or even encourage it.

Put the public in the scene of the news by maximsing the core aspect of 3D graphics to allow them to see almost any perspective at anytime, either in conjunction with a video on national TV or with the Real Time 3D capabilities of their computers and smartphones.

Allow each individual user the ability to explore the scene of the news at their own time and leisure either by video or via Real Time 3D.