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3d renders
help 3D Renders are commonly used by a wide range of sectors to visualise their projects inside magazines, brochures, bill boards and websites before, during and after they have been built in real-life. 

Whatever you're trying to visualise, close attention is paid to the modeling, texturing, materials, lighting and rendering of your model to ensure that your images meet the level of detail that your project and budget requires.

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How does the process work

Ideally you will be able to submit plan drawings, conceptual sketches or any other information that will help to build up an image of your project.

If you require multiple perspectives then a fully functional 3D model will have to be created.

However, If you require a single perspective, it might be more cost effective to model with that in mind, as long as you're confident that the perspective will not change.

The more information you can provide us with, the better.

What you can specify

The level of geometric detail that is used to create a representation of your project.

Materials: How light behaves once it comes into contact with your model.

Lighting: The sources and types of light that affect the overall look.

Texturing: 2D bitmap images which are applied to a 3D model to give it enhanced levels of detail.

All of the above factors are scalable and determine the time, cost and quality of the final output.

What are the core uses?

Sell off plan:
Sell the vision of your project months/years before it exists.

Prototype: Generate a variety of High Quality stills which can save you time and money on making real-world, cosmetic changes.

Technical Drawing: Merge your static image with a wireframe representation of it.

Misc: Once the 3D model has been created it has huge potential to be deployed in so many ways.

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