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help Dynamic 3D is based in Swansea and run by myself James Williams.

I am a BAFTA winning Game Designer who has 8+ years of industry experience before leaving Rare/Microsoft Game Studios where I worked on several AAA games including the Perfect Dark franchise.

My experience and enthusiasm for my work allow me to cover multiple disciplines within the field of computer graphics and tap into existing and emerging sectors by keeping an eye on an ever changing market and bringing those findings to fruition.
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The ethos of Dynamic 3D

I have long realised that the cost of producing computer visuals becomes exponential once a certain standard is achieved.

After that, production time, software, hardware and staffing costs go through the roof and before you know it you're producing work which is only affordable to a handful of different sectors and completely unobtainable to anyone else.

This was never my objective.


Dynamic 3D is about finding the optimum balance between image- quality, production cost, functionality and range while presenting it in a way which is easy for everyone to understand and apply to their projects, ideas, and workflow.

Because of this, Dynamic 3D have the freedom to pursue new sectors and opportunities that can utilise 3D graphics to enhance their services, which is the real driving force and inspiration behind Dynamic 3D.

How can I save you money

The range of work I offer is typically done by small studios who have higher running and staffing costs.

I cover every aspect of the business, which means I can keep costs as low as possible.

Like every business, some are better suited to your needs than others, what I aim to do is to establish if I am right for you, and from there, work on bringing your project to fruition on time, and on budget.