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I'm from overseas, can we still do business?

Yes. Most of the correspondence is done via E-mail/phone anyway.

What are the payment options?

If you're happy to proceed a 20% deposit is required from clients that are not seen face to face or if your quote exceeds a days work.
It offers some small protection due to an "open" business model.

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I need a custom solution.
Can you help?

We're more than happy to discuss ideas and we'll do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

If you don't ask you'll never know!

How much do you charge?

It all depends on what the project is, but if everything goes to plan, its likely to be cheaper than the competition for these reasons.

Is our work copyright free?

Of course! Once the final payment has been made you will receive full rights over your images and the watermarks will be removed.

Our company would like to setup a visualisation department, can you advise us?

Yes. Dynamic 3D offers consultancy on a wide range of issues such as software, hardware and staff training to ensure you get it right. First time.