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file adoption
help File Adoption enables businesses that already produce some form of 3D content to export their 3D assets and receive as much as a 50% discount off the price of their chosen solution(s).

Because the actual creation of the 3D assets is one of the most expensive, fundamental and time consuming aspects of 3D graphics, it means that if you possess clean, well constructed 3D data you can expect a shorter turnaround and a significant discount.

Please familiarise yourself with this solution and contact us today.
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How does the process work

Submit your 3D assets and you'll receive a free assessment on the usability of them in relation to the solution that you require.

Depending on their usability, they will be implemented into our workflow and you'll be offered a discount off your desired 3D solutions.

In most cases its impossible to return the 3D data in your native file format as it is not viable to purchase/learn so much 3D software.

However, most clients simply want the end result like Static Renders, Animation, Real Time 3D etc.

What you can specify

Because you're initially responsible for the actual creation of the 3D asset, its initially down to you.

Once control has been gained over the 3D asset(s) they can be treated as if they has been created by Dynamic 3D from the very start.

You should be able to provide clean, usable content which adheres to the laws of 3D modeling to ensure a smooth transition.

This means clean, 3D data which will export to one of the many 3D formats that can be recognised.
I.E. Iges, .fbx, .obj etc.

What are the core uses?

Show your clients and contractors a photo or near photorealistic image or animation of your ideas and improve your chances of approval or winning lucrative contracts.

Allow clients to walk or fly around your projects before they exist and secure planning, funding, sales.

Convey your ideas to people who are not able to understand technical drawings and documents.

A 'bolt on' workflow which is quick & cost effective and one that doesn't require you to change any aspect of your pipeline.