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General Information

To celebrate the success of Team GB, Dynamic 3D have released a Real Time 3D celebration of the medal winners (& Team GB entrants excluding paralympians) which enables you to install & interact with the 3D world\photos at your leisure.

While this technology is often used by architectural studios, this demo shows how it can be used to breathe new life into the humble photograph.

Behind The Scenes

This 3D scene is made up of over half a million triangles & 300 photos.

The 3D scene features images of all 65 medal winners and hundreds of smaller photos & names of squad members, but does not currently include paralympians due to timing.

Currently only windows users can run this program & only then if they have modest 3D graphics capabilities.

Additional Information

Download Team GB 3D
Windows OS

Download Team GB 3D
Mac OSX [Coming Soon!]

Installation Instructions
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