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Update 2013: Play the compound in Real Time 3D at ZeroDarkThirty3D.com

N/A osama compound in 3dosama compound in 3d abbottabadosama compound in 3d abbottabad pakistanosama compound in 3d abbottabad pakistan indiaosama compound in 3d abbottabad pakistan india by dynamic3d.co.uk N/A
General Information

The above flythrough was produced in a short period of time from very limited information of Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad.

The area has a strict no fly zone and reporters are not allowed to enter the complex, which means the same tired images from outside the complex have been recycled around the world.

This is a good example of how 3D graphics can be used to visualise important real world events which would otherwise remain unseen.


Despite a lack of reference material, its been put together from a myriad of source images to ensure over 90% accuracy at any angle, & its currently (10/05/11) deemed to be the most accurate representation of it by a considerable margin.

Due to the sensitive nature of the location & the ease of which Direct3D can be decompiled, its not being released into the public domain, instead, a real time 3D fly through animation is being used for visualisation purposes.

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