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help Photo Montage is a solution which allows any 3D model to be superimposed onto a photograph to show how your 3D model(s) will look in a very specific backdrop (usually a photo).

This solution is especially popular in the Architectural & Property sectors but once the 3D model has been created, its possible to insert it into any 2D image & provide the client with a wide variety of renders from alternative photographic & geometric perspectives.

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How does the process work

Photographic image(s) are taken of your chosen background but any 2D image can be used.

A 3D model is created of the desired asset which is then placed over the photograph to show an enhanced representation of how your project will look inside its expected dwelling.

The lighting/reflections are extracted from the photo and then projected onto the 3D model via a HDRI map.

What you can specify

You can supply your own photos from any perspective, or Dynamic 3D will shoot or obtain them for you.

You have complete control over the 3D data and almost unlimited control over the 2D backplate image.

If you have an exact perspective in mind then it might be possible to save you time and money by modeling the 3D model with that perspective in mind.

What are the core uses?

Use photographic imagery combined with 3D modeling to provide one of the most cost effective and realistic ways of visualising your project.

Save time and money by using as much photographic data as possible.

Render off dozens of 2D/3D variations at little or no extra cost.
Once the initial work has been done size, rotation, positioning and lots more can be re-rendered in minutes!