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help Real Time 3D is a technology which is synonymous with the video-game industry, but relatively new to other sectors. 

Dynamic 3D uses the cutting edge Unreal Development Kit to deliver real time 3D walkthroughs & flythroughs of any conceivable 3D asset(s) by providing the client with standalone executables which can be distributed & run on various forms of hardware as well as allowing the client to distribute them to the public via the website.

 Before you download you are advised to read the instructions.
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How does the process work

Dynamic 3D will implement your 3D models into a real time 3D package that will allow anyone to install it onto any iPhone, Laptop, or Desktop PC and distribute at no extra cost.

You will then be able to move in and around your 3D scene at your own leisure using the keyboard & mouse.

The initial process is similar to that of 3D Renders, but there is a slight hit in quality over traditional renderers because the real time architecture is so radically different, however, the result is still superb and the added functionality is a revolution in 3D.

What you can specify

This solution has almost unlimited potential in the sense that it can process a high degree of geometry & render it in real time with all of the bells & whistles that up until very recently was impossible to achieve on a real time basis.

Animation/Cut Scenes/Scripting.
Global Illumination.
Ambient Occlusion.
Bump Mapping/Specular.
Sub Surface Scattering.

& much more ensure that whatever scenario you want to achieve, its not going to be a problem with this tech.

What are the core uses?

Obtain complete control over your project by being able to see any part of it at anytime.

Allow everyone to share the vision of your project by distributing these files via E-mail or implement them into your website as a download.

Make on going revisions to your projects for a very small outlay because there are no costly or timely re-rendering requirements.

Present your projects in a way which can meet the demands and pace of a live audience/demonstration.