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General Information

The above 'animation' is a conceptual 3D scene for Sky TV using an advanced 3D cloud system.

The idea behind it was to improve the menu backgrounds with a fitting, high end theme which relates to the core brand while tying it into an area of 3D graphics I had not covered before.

There is a lot more scope for this technique than will be shown soon.

Behind The Scenes

Everthing is in true 3D and straight from the renderer with no tricks including reflections & refractions.

The altitude of the scene is approximately 4km up in the sky.

This FLV stream runs at 24 fps.

It took 48 hours to render 224 frames for a total of 10 seconds before it loops back around.

Additional Media

Higher Quality version

Use Winzip or Winrar to unpack.

External Media #1

External Media #2

* Special thanks to Sky TV (2011)